Sustainable Baking

Sustainable Baking

How to Make Your Baking More Sustainable

Understandably, a lot of people want to bake healthy recipes for personal health and/or ethical reasons - but it’s equally as important that the baking process itself is ethical. Here are some small things you can do in your kitchen to bake more sustainably at home.

Use plant based products
Decreasing your intake of animal consumption does a whole lot for your health and the environment.

Reuse your leftovers
A huge amount of food often goes to waste during the baking process when these leftovers could be used to make new things. Reduce waste by saving these scraps and finding the many recipes online that show you what you can do with them, including blending all of your leftover goods to form your own no-bake treats!

Buy locally sourced products
Not only are they better for the environment, they’re also better for your health! The lack of pesticides ensures you’re gaining the nutrients you need, whilst supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Freeze your goods
You’d be surprised at how many products you can successfully keep in the fridge for months. Avoid having to throw away food that goes bad quickly in the fridge or pantry and transfer them to the freezer for prolonged storage.

Silicone baking tools
Silicone baking mats, muffin cases, and so on - all washable and reusable! Reduce one-time use materials like baking paper and paper cups by investing in some silicone material which come in all shapes and sizes and will last you a lifetime.
My favorite ones  are from Silikomart.  These make  high quality products are easy to use, produce great results and last ages. Trust me, I have lots of them and some other  cheaper silicone products and none of them could beat the Silikomart moulds. I use a lot of their moulds starting from the ones for chocolate making , for raw cakes making and for baking too! They've got some really great and impressive stuff. If you are in to raw cakes or want to bake some beautiful entremets to impress your guests, check this 3D Mini Raggio Mold, which is great for freezing as well as baking cakes thanks to its 

Thermal Stability And Versatility which allows For Safe Transition From Oven And Microwave To Refrigerator And Freezer And Vice Versa! 

The tips above are just small changes you can start making to bake more sustainably, but it makes all the difference in supporting your health and our environment. Try some of these out, and see for yourself!

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