How to make your gluten-free cake moist

How to make your gluten-free cake moist

How to make your cake moist

Gluten-free flours tend to absorb more moisture both before and during baking than wheat flour, which can potentially result in the dry and crumbly bake. To avoid this it’s important to increase the wet:dry ingredients ratio. Wet ingredients include eggs and any liquid: milk, water, yoghurt, brewed coffee fruit purées and juices whereas dry ingredients include the gluten-free flour, cocoa powder, ground nuts or similar. If you’re used to wheat-based baking, the amount of liquid in particular might on occasion feel almost counter intuitive but fear not,- it’s this additional liquid that helps create a wonderfully moist, melt-in-the-mouth cake crumb.

Increasing the wet:dry ratio deals primarily with the issue of how moist the cakes are immediately after baking and for a few hours afterwards. When it comes to the sponge cakes, we need a different trick here. Despite their high moisture absorption capacity gluten-free flours are unfortunately rather good at loosing that moisture, resulting in cakes that become dry and crumbly after a day or two. The trick here is to mix gluten free flour mixture with a bit of an almond flour, which works wonders at keeping cakes moist and fluffy for days, mostly because of its high fat content. Another ingredient worth to mention is xanthan gum, which role is not only as a glue that makes the sponges much less crumbly but also it helps to retain moisture. 
And the last and the simplistic solution to getting moist cakes,- it is reducing the baking time. It is very easy to overtake a sponge, so keep and eye on your cakes minutes before you hit the suggested baking time. Depending on how your oven calibrated, it may take few minutes more or fewer to be properly baked. And of course, don’t forget the toothpick test! 

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