How do we make regular cakes healthy and low in calories

How do we make regular cakes healthy and low in calories

We live in a delightful time when desserts can be amazing in taste, while not burdening the body, but, on the contrary, bring lightness and benefit. Creating such sweets is real magic that you can create with your own
 But how do we make them low calorie, sugar free without sacrificing the great taste? This is exactly what I am going to talk about in this blog post. 

Imagine the following situation: you have a recipe for dessert, and it lists as a sweetener one that you, for example, do not like or you do not have it, but you really want to make this dessert. What do you do? Simply Replace it! However,  when replacing it, it is important to consider its sweetness, as well as whether it is dry sweetener  or liquid.
The first important indicator is the strength of sweetness (sweetness factor). Each sweetener has its own, and if you do not recalculate the amount based on this strength, it will turn out either unsweetened or too sweet. 
Therefore it is not always possible to simply replace a dry sweetener with a liquid one, and vice versa. When substituting, the chemical properties of the ingredients must be taken into account, and not all recipes can simply be replaced with a sweetener without adjusting the recipe.
For example, when replacing a dry sweetener with syrup, you need to take into account the amount of liquid and dry ingredients and monitor the consistency of the dough. In this case, it will be necessary to either increase the amount of dry ingredients or decrease the amount of liquid ones.
Pick your favorite sweeteners and use them wisely in recipes. 

✅Butter in cakes gives
lots of calories, lots of saturated fat, so it can often be replaced with vegetable oil, which is easier to digest due to the reduced amount of saturated fat. You can reduce the amount of oil by partially or completely replacing it with dairy or plant based products. 
(kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk), fruit puree
✅ Full cream -
lots of calories, lots of saturated fats combined with lots of sugar. Carbohydrate Fat Impact on the Liver
We replace butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, mascarpone with low-fat yogurt, soft and traditional cottage cheese, low-fat rumble. 

In order to understand which flour to use where, let's look at its properties and only then select the options.
In the world there is an oh-oh-very many varieties of healthier flour, which are an excellent alternative wheat. And if you use it correctly, you will get a light dessert, rich in fiber, which is not inferior to the classic one and even surpasses it in taste! And I generally keep quiet about the absence of extra and useless calories - this is an indisputable and huge plus.
And, of course, healthy flour is now much easier to find, it is sold in supermarkets and health stores. So we replace wheat flour of the highest grade with whole grain types of flour. The most useful are oatmeal and spelt flours. They are Rich in fiber, which improve digestion. Whole-grain rice, very neutral in taste, will be a chic base, but not the richest in vitamins and minerals. Nut flour, such as almond flour, will add juiciness. Coconut is not as good for cakes, but,added in a small amount, will make shortbread cookies crumbly. 


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