Crafted For Timeless Design

Time is the new trace of high class. With the endless possibilities from Mother Nature, our artisans will craft your own flourishing lifestyle.

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Designed By The Hand Of Artisans

We want every component of our lifestyle to contribute to its success, just like you. We know that when homes are overrun with generic goods manufactured in far-flung factories under questionable conditions, they become fragmented.

Home Decoration

Create an environment for yourbest version

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Improve your feelings and experiencein cooking

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Feel the contentment and easeof our lives

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Ethically Made. Fairly Priced

Designed with longevity and made in harmony with environment and society, each piece is made for everyday use.

For People,
And Planet

An online handicraft business with a classic, handmade range of special decoration products. We want to promote crafts around the world and help local craftsmen in various regions of our society make a living from them.

Recognising the intricacy, patience, and tedious labour that goes into the craft gives us a new perspective on our lifestyle. It was our visits to our artisan partners that made us realize how the value of craft is intrinsically interwoven into the lives of our culture and society.

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Our Goal To Drive
Positive Impact

Spreading mindful movement, inspiring wellness and creating a healthy community - these inspire everything we do.

When we first started in 2017, our goal was to use our platform and brand to benefit both the environment and people.Sustainable textiles are just the beginning. Our brand's DNA is braided with sustainability, and it permeates everything we do on a daily basis

As a business, a sector, and as customers, we still have a great deal to accomplish. We're only getting started, so I hope you'll join us instriving for improvement.

Proudly Achieved

Organic Resource

Organic farming produces cleaner air, better soil, safer farming, and less pollutants in your products than conventional farming. Furthermore, it consumes 81% less water and 62% less energy to generate.

Carbon Neutral

We can now monitor the impact of every Pact product and offset it through forestry, renewable energy, and community projects that absorb carbon from the environment, thanks to the assistance of our partners.

Fair Trade

Our workers are provided with safe working conditions, community assistance, and additional development funding. That is, every stitch empowers employees, and every purchase benefits the community.


Our Journey On Social Impact

Time is the new trace of high class. Traditional items celebrates a simpler, smarter way of modern living