No Bake Carrot Cake Master Class

No Bake Carrot Cake Master Class

Today was my first master class and I must say I am really happy I finally did it! Well thanks again to Navine and Lucie from The Coffee with an Expat Club for organizing this event. Without you guys, I would most probably still haven’t done it. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the class. I truly hope you enjoyed the class and I am now looking forward to more classes in the near future. 
To round up this newsletter, shortly about what we talked about in class. 

I introduced the ladies to the raw cakes concept. The main points we discussed were:
- what raw cakes are
- how they are different to traditional baked cakes
- are they good for everyone
- benefits of eating raw desserts 
- downsides of raw desserts 
- what equipment to use 
- what products are used in raw cakes 
- are they easy to make or not 
- the secrets to making great raw cakes 
And much more. 

The next 4 hours of the class I demonstrated how to make raw carrot cake from start to finish. 

The ladies also were involved in the preparation process which made it even more fun for everyone! 😊 

At last, I answered questions that class participants asked. Some of which were  :
- what equipment is recommended
- substitutes to some ingredients
- recommendations on ingredients 
- shelf life of raw cakes 
- how to decorate raw cakes 
And so on. 
All class participants got a fully detailed cake recipe as well as a free gift - our own in-house gluten-free, sugar-free and oil-free Chocolate buckwheat granola.
Well done ladies! Great questions, great participation in class, great vibe! 

Thank you all and looking forward to the next one! ❤️

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