Finally its here!

Finally its here!

Ye, finally! It's here :) I've been thinking to organise a Master Class for a while and thanks to the the Coffee with an Expat  club my first Master Class is here ! :) So if you have been waiting for it, then you are very welcome to join it.

Registration is open to the CWAE members at AED 120 and for non-members at AED 200. The good news for our VIP clients , just like you, the price is down to AED 150. Follow this link to sign up for this master class. 

And other good news I am excited to share with you, we have new items in are store - our mini cakes in a cup/jar, which way 250g - 500 g and they are already getting popular amongst our customers! 

You can choose any that you are fancy and that suits your diet preferences: 

Vegan, keto or low cal/high protein cakes and these are:

Tiramisu, berry cheesecake, honey cake, chocolate strawberry cake, spinach strawberry/raspberry vanilla cake, lemon blueberry cake, lemon meringue, chocolate banana peanut cake and so much more. 

Look for yourself here and let me know what you think :)