So what Is Keto and is this good for you

So what Is Keto and is this good for you

What is a Keto Diet? 

The keto diet has been trending lately specifically because it is notoriously one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, plus will not leave you feeling hungry. But what exactly is a keto diet, and should you be following it? 

The keto diet is based on a lower intake of carbs and a higher intake of fat. The majority of the diet is based on foods like meat, fish, eggs, nuts, healthy oils and low carb vegetables. 

By replacing carbs with fat, your body transitions into the metabolic state called Ketosis - which is where the name comes from. During ketosis, your body uses fat for fuel instead of carbs. And when you follow a diet that helps you enter that state, you lose weight!  

So our keto cakes are also based on a higher amount of healthy fats, such as butter, coconut and other nut oils as well as cheese cream and higher in fat almond and coconut flours and we use natural sugar replacement , such as erythritol, monkfruit, xylitol, stevia and mixes of the same. 

But is the keto diet suitable for everyone? The keto diet has proven to help those with certain conditions such as type 2 diabetes and PCOS. It also has proven to decrease the risk of certain conditions like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. 

Beware that if you have certain conditions like high blood pressure, following the keto diet is not recommended. Always check with your doctor to make sure that a keto diet would suit you. 

Hopefully this gives you some insight on what a keto diet is and whether this might be beneficial for you to try!