Raw Cakes - What are they?

Raw Cakes - What are they?

Raw Cakes - What Are They?

In response to the many frequently asked questions on what exactly a raw cake is, we’ve summarised it for you in this short post. 

Unlike the traditional baking process, the creation of raw cakes does not require heat. Instead, we use and consume raw cakes in order to gain all of the nutrition that comes from the ingredients’ most natural and raw form. 

Since heat nor gas is used in the process, the texture of the cake comes out less spongy and more dense. Certain techniques have to be used in the cake making process to imitate similar tastes and textures, but raw cakes still come with their own unique twist. 

Ideally, raw cakes are kept in the fridge and last up to 5 days. If kept in the freezer, they can last for up to 3 months. 

Why should you eat raw cakes?

Because we are using more high-grade organic ingredients, raw cakes are generally more expensive than “regular” cakes. Ingredients like nuts, oils, and fruit are usually pricier than your usual flour, eggs, and sugar. Even considering this, we think the health benefits outweigh the price and are still worth trying. Here is the link to put keto cakes collection here

Although raw cakes are just as high in sugars and fats as “regular” cakes, they are proven to be the healthier option because they avoid the use of allergens and animal products while retaining necessary nutrients. 

Raw cakes are a good way to enjoy guilt-free desserts, just by replacing “normal” ingredients with ones that are healthier and more suited to your diet plan. 

We hope this short summary helps you learn more about raw cakes and the benefits that come with their sweetness!

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