Superfood for Life - CACAO

Superfood for Life - CACAO

I must apologize for not being here for quite a some time, I KNOW..  and I missed you too! :) 

I have been on a long summer vacation which I needed badly and I am glad I did it actually as  I am now back well rested and having my energy back to serve you guys. I will be launching some new products soon, so watch this space  to get to know about then first! :) 

And for now I want to tell you about CACAO and what makes it a superfood. 

So, a beautiful Belgium was one of the countries I have been traveling to this summer, and I have finally visited a chocolate museum which has been on my list for a while (being a chocaholic). It truly has been an interesting learning experience. I got to know bout a history of chocolate, how and where it has been made, as well as we (my girls and myself) got to taste different varieties of chocolates and so much more, and now I would love to share something with you.

So, I will start from Cacao bean, as I am sure you know, from which chocolate is made is known as a superfood for its many nutritional benefits. It has an incredibly rich history of varied uses from drinks to coins to rituals, but today in the Western world, it has, unfortunately, become mostly just a candy bar, while it has so much more to offer. Cacao isn't your run0of the mill healthy food; it's a superstar among superfoods. We have heard a lot about the phytochemical content of tea, wine, and blueberries. But cacao has more than all of them. And thought these foods are great, you can consume them in only so many ways. How many dishes can you make of tea or wine? There are probably more culinary uses of cacao than there are ways to ear blueberries! We are along anti a nutrient-dense. phytochemical-rich food that can be eaten in breakfasts, desserts, and every way in between. 

chocolate zebra cake

And here are some of the benefits that makes cacao a superfood: 

1.  Cacao has an insanely high phytochemical and antioxidant content. These naturally occurring chemical compounds are the future of nutritional, disease prevention, and good health and cacao is loaded with them; 

2. It's nutrient dense. Cacao is full of minerals, fiber, and healthy dietary fat. These nutrients in combination with the phytochemical may help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and more. 

3. It makes you happy. Chocolate may be the most craved food in the world, and for a good reason! It's full of good chemicals that affect our brain and our mood. 

In 2013, the journal Nutrients published a comprehensive article about the medical and nutritional history of chocolate. The authors covered many of the health benefits discussed in this book and said that we have come full circle with the original uses of cacao (in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica) and chocolate ( in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Europe) by eating it in a more whole form and less often as a confectionary. The current scientific interest in cacao they summarize, recapture what Carl Linnaeus meant in 1753 when he named the cacao plant theobromine, which translates to "food if the gods". The same is true of the time when Olmec, Maya, and Aztec civilizations used cacao extensively Today's scientific evidence on cacao has the ability to show us the biologically active compounds that previously were only experienced. Historically, people have enjoyed it as if it was a gift from the gods, and now we know more about why that is true. 

4. It's a great accompaniment to physical activity. Even before knowing about what we know about cacao, it was a popular food for mountaineers, explorers, and soldiers all over the world. In pre-Columbian times cacao was eaten regularly by some folks with pretty intense physical requirements: Aztec warriors. Back then, in those tropical climates, jeu consumed a frothy drink made from cacao, not chocolate bars! They did not have to worry about melting! They believed that cacao imparted strength and inspiration straight from Quetzalcoatl. Whatever the form, cacao is a great companion of physical exertion from mountaineers and Aztec warriors to recreational runners and weekend warriors. 

Today cacao and chocolate are still popular foods for athletes during workouts and in recovery. Cacao's benefits are outstanding: It's calorically and nutrient dense, it supplies small amounts if stimulation from theobromine and caffeine that may help prolong physical activity and it may improve the widening of the blood vessels, which brings more oxygen to your muscles. Plus, it's delicious! 

This brings us to the next point. 

5. Chocolate is a high-quality food with subtle tastes like good coffee or wine. There are various types of chocolate  that are available in the market: Organic, Raw, Fair Trade..  It's extremely versatile, used in many delicious dishes, cakes, desserts, etc., and it can be added to any nutritional plan. 

6. It's a commonplace and accessible. Most everyone is familiar with chocolate and enjoys the taste. although some work may be required to find high-quality cacao and chocolate, it is more readily available than most people realize. 

7. And at last, You only need to consume a small amount to get the benefits. Most of the research on cacao is done using cocoa powder - a low-calorie, nutrient-dense powder that can be added to a plethora of foods and dishes.  

I really hope this information was useful for you, like it was for me, and you will be encouraged to experiment, enjoy, live and discover for yourself the power of cacao, and like myself, will feel comfortable incorporating it In to your diet without any guilt. And if you want to start  right away, you can treat yourself to a chocolate avocado cake  or a chocolate banana peanut cake  or both (!) with all their goodness in them, as they contain that raw cacao powder and raw cacao butter as well and....the best part, -  with  a very special discount, which I am offering JUST FOR YOU, because you made it to the end of reading this blog post. So, go to website now and use this code : THANKYOU!  and you will get 50% off for these two delicious cakes only. How cool is this? :) 


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