Buckwheat and Apple waffles

Buckwheat and Apple waffles

As you already know we launched new products in store - our mixes and one of them was buckwheat waffle and pancakes mix

It has a basic dairy free, gluten-free  and egg free waffle recipe on the package too. 
However, l thought of giving you more options on what you can do with it and, after experimenting with few different recipes, my Favourite one so far are these buckwheat and apple waffles. Because they are not only very tender and tasty  but they are also gluten-free, high in protein and very low calorie which is what I love.

So I used cottage cheese and eggs ( for vegan  option go ahead and replace eggs with banana or flax seed eggs), low fat laban, tiny bit of coconut oil, maple syrup and our buckwheat waffle and pancake ready mix. 

For waffle maker use whichever  you’ve got. However make sure to cook each batch not less than 6 minutes.  
I use this Geepas Waffle Maker, which is very affordable and I would say of a good quality to make 4 waffles at a time. It has non stock coating and stainless still irons. And they are on sale on Amazon at the moment too!

And finally a good part- the recipe! 😊 

You should get 8 waffles (420 g) out of this recipe. 

Kcsl/100 g: 194/14/8/17


Buckwheat and waffle mix- 80 g

eggs-2 large or 1 medium banana (100 g), or flax eggs (100 g)

low fat cottage cheese - 200 g ( for vegan option use tofu or cream cheese),

Low fat Laban-100 ml

Maple syrup-20-25 g

Baking powder- 1 tsp



Place cottage cheese, eggs snd sweetener in a blender and blend until you get a smooth mixture. 

In a separate bowl mix buckwheat waffle and pancake mix with baking powder.

Miix dry and wet mixtures. Add melted and cooled down coconut oil.

Grate apples, add them in a mixture and mix well again. 

Heat your waffle maker , brush irons with oil and put 1 table spoon of mixture  on each iron and cook for 6 minutes. 

Yum 😋! 





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