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Rawsome Patisserie

Free Private THERMOMIX Cooking Class

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If you have got the desire to create then surely you can do pretty much everything you want to. Sign up for this free private cooking master class and start creating. I will show you how in less than 2 hours you can cook 5 healthy and delicious recipes using a revolutionary must-have cooking machine, THERMOMIX, which replaces 20 apliances.  

The digital techology of the Thermomix combines good food with fast and easy cooking.

  1. Built-in wi-fi . You can connect to Cookidoo, -its own mobile app, which is the new digital cookbook for the Thermomix. The 16 GB memory and the 1GB of RAM in the devise allow you to watch vidioes, browse through recipes and access nutritional information on the screen.
  2. Varoma Steaming allows vyou to cook a complete meal on 4 levels.
  3. 6.8 inch colour touchscreen - In-guided cooking mode, the display shows step-by-step instructions that lead through therecipe, thus giving you precise
  4. Mixing bowl-Thanks. To the 2.2 litre stainless tell mixing bowl, Thermomix cooks tasty meals for one or for the whole family..
  5. Oneselector dial - Only one button is needed to navigate your Thermomix and set the time, temperature and speed, all shows on the touchscreen.                                                                            During the demo class I willprepare a 5 course meal which includes:



✳️main dish


✳️ bread


While I am preparing these dishes you will also get to try all of them. Who is this class for:

✅ for those who prioritize their and their family's health when cooking meals

✅ those who value their time. You will see how fast and easy it is to prepare healthy food for your family which tastes amazing and costs less than ready-made meals

✅ for those who want convenience while cooking using one bowl and one blade that does everything, even washes! Guided cooking and over 90.000 recipes built in the machine is a huge bonus!

✅ Those who want to save money by having an all-in-one kitchen machine which also saves money in buying expensive products such as nut flours, nut milk, gluten-free flour mixes, plant-based yogurts, Cottage cheese, home-made jams and healthy mayonnaise, smoothies, vegetable stock to name a few.

✅ For those who like baking but don’t like messing with the dough, this machine will it all for you.